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Teen Advisory Board (T.A.B.)

    At Evans Public Library we want to give the best service possible to our patrons, including teens! To do this, we have started a Teen Advisory Board (T.A.B.) to help us figure out the best way to serve our teen community.

So what is a Teen Advisory Board?

   T.A.B. is a group of teens who advise library staff on how to better serve the library’s teen population.  Members offer insight on library materials to purchase, programming ideas and other library related activities.  At Evans Public Library, we hold T.A.B. meetings once a month that last for approximately one hour.  During this time, teens discuss and plan upcoming activities, book suggestions, programming ideas and ways the library can help teens.

Why should I join T.A.B.?

   T.A.B. is a great way to become a valuable part of our community.  You can help make changes to better your library. AND T.A.B. memberships look great on college and job applications!

What do I have to do to join T.A.B.?

  • Must be in grades 7th-12th or 13-19 years old
  • Must be willing to commit to a minimum of 1 hour per month to T.A.B.
  • Must be willing to respect the opinions of others
  • Must have parent permission to join if under 18


Visit the Library’s Facebook Teen page:

Facebook Teen Page